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Tracking Case


Quick Overview

Simply remarkable and simple. This new concept allows you to be informed with in a few seconds if your case is moved, not only will it track live in 220 countries, the battery life can last up to 3 months.


We have removed all the hassle of charging, simply place it on the supplied charging mat and it will charge automatically.

We also understand that these types of cases are placed on aircraft. You can now select your flight time using the our APP or from your PC and place the case into flight mode.

This will 100% prohibit any attempt to connect to any network during the flight. Your case will then send you a message that the case is live and out of flight mode. It will also send you confirmation that the case has also been placed into flight mode.

Additional Information


1. Supreme GPS sensitivity
2. Up to 3 months battery life
3. Flight mode available
4. 5mm depth tough plastic casing surrounding the internal parts (extremely strong and robust)
5. Enhanced recovery system built into our board (stops the device from lockups)
6. Global mask location service also available (will show you where the sim is situated around the Globe, if GPS is impossible)
7. Inductive charging (just place the case on our charging mats. (industrial charging rubber mats available shortly, will allow you to charge up to ten cases at once)
8. Discreet and secure fitting to the case. (not easy to view it on the case at a glance)
9. The case can be tracked live from 5 seconds and above.
10. The case can also be placed into battery save mode (inform the case to wake every x hour and report its position (battery life can last 1 year)

About The Case

  • Large High Impact Case With Pre Cut Foam Interior
  • Keep your valuables safe in this robust, water resistant case
  • Two pieces of pre-cut foam enable you to customise the interior to suit your specific needs
  • Tough exterior that ensures contents are protected With our Large High Impact Case you can safely store and transport your valuable equipment or parts. It’s tough exterior and airtight valve keep the case completely water resistant , meaning you’ll never worry about them getting damaged or wet. Its inside contains two pieces of foam which you can easily mould around the shape of your valuables, so you can completely customise the inside to suit your needs!

The Case Size Dimensions

(W x D x H)mm External -515 x 415 x 200
Internal -485 x 355 x 186

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